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Download Structural Steel Design Book Fifth Edition (PDF) تنزيل كتاب التصميم الانشائي للمنشآت المعدنية PDF مجاناً

Structural Steel Design Fifth Edition 

  Download Structure Steel Design Book Fifth Edition (Pdf) تنزيل كتاب التصميم الانشائي للمنشآت المعدنية PDF مجاناً

نتناول اليوم سوياً كتاباً مميزاً في تصميم المنشآت الفولاذية وفق الكود الأمريكي 

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حيث نتعرض بداية لتحليل للأحمال المتوقعة بكل أنواعها - تحليل و تصميم لجميع عناصر الشد و الضغط - تصميم الكمرات و الأعمدة الفولاذية و المركبة - الألواح - الوصلات بمختلف أنواعها ذات
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 1.  Introduction to Structural Steel Design

 2. Specifications, Loads, and Methods of Design

 3. Analysis of Tension Members

 4. Design of Tension Members

 5. Introduction to Axially Loaded Compression Members

 6. Design of Axially Loaded Compression Members

 7. Design of Axially Loaded Compression Members (Continued) 
     and Column Base Plates

 8. Introduction to Beams

 9. Design of Beams for Moments

10. Design of Beams—Miscellaneous Topics (Shear, Deflection, etc.)

11. Bending and Axial Force

12. Bolted Connections

13. Eccentrically Loaded Bolted Connections and Historical Notes on Rivets

14. Welded Connections

15.Building Connections

16.Composite Beams

17.Composite Columns

18.Cover-Plated Beams and Built-up Girders

19.Design of Steel Buildings


This textbook has been prepared with the hope that its readers will, as have so many engineers in the past, become interested in structural steel design and want to maintain and increase their knowledge on the subject throughout their careers in the engineering and construction industries.

The material was prepared primarily for an introductory course in the junior or senior year but the last several chapters may be used for a graduate class.
The authors have assumed that the student has previously taken introductory courses
in mechanics of materials and structural analysis.
The authors’ major objective in preparing this new edition was to update the text
to conform to both the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 2010
Specification for Structural Steel Buildings and the 14th edition of the AISC Steel
Construction Manual published in 2011.


A person traveling in the United States might quite understandably decide that steel is the
perfect structural material. He or she would see an endless number of steel bridges, buildings, towers, and other structures.

After seeing these numerous steel structures, this traveler might be surprised to learn that steel was not economically made in the United States until late in the nineteenth century, and the first wide-flange beams were not rolled until 1908.

The assumption of the perfection of this metal, perhaps the most versatile of structural materials, would appear to be even more reasonable when its great strength, light weight, ease of fabrication, and many other desirable properties are considered .These and other advantages of structural steel are discussed in detail in the paragraphs that follow.

High Strength

The high strength of steel per unit of weight means that the weight of structures will be small. This fact is of great importance for long-span bridges, tall buildings, and structures situated on poor foundations.


The properties of steel do not change appreciably with time, as do those of a reinforced-concrete structure.


Steel behaves closer to design assumptions than most materials because it follows
Hooke’s law up to fairly high stresses. The moments of inertia of a steel structure can
be accurately calculated, while the values obtained for a reinforced-concrete structure
are rather indefinite.

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